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The online world has brought endless possibilities to explore, find knowledge, source of entertainment, and to make money. Make money online with Logyfy. We offer lifetime commission, you’ll be receiving 18% every time someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link. Anyone can make money advertising our logo maker but you’ll be making more than enough if you follow these simple tips and tricks for best affiliate marketing. There are millions of content creators from all over the world. Every single one of them can connect to anywhere if they are connected to the internet.

The trick is that your content must be interesting and fun. As long as you're doing what you truly enjoy, as a content creator, you will find different methods to connect with your followers. Logofy is quality service and your viewers will understand, all it requires is your true opinion and recommendation. Don’t forget to explain in your content on how to use our free logo maker and our main selling point which is that no payment is required until customers find the perfect logo.

Click on assets in your account on our Logyfy website at and copy your referral link. Paste this link in your content so your followers know where to click. All purchases made through the link will bring you an 18% commission. Our prices are between 19-99 USD bringing you an average commission of 120-600 THB per order. With our high payout affiliate marketing, if the same customer comes back and purchases a logo from us in 2025 you’ll be receiving an 18% commission rate. Content must be well researched and enjoyable to read or watch. 

Remember to keep your websites consistent, upload on a schedule so your followers know exactly when something new is coming out. Finding more than one outlet to display your work helps find followers from different target groups. The more views you have, the more you will earn with affiliate marketing. At first, it will start slow, but with consistent work, after a few months, you will start seeing growth and a higher balance in your account. Consistency and quality is the most important factor to remember as an online content creator.

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