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Logofy is an easy to use logo maker that creates perfect logos designed based on your tastes. To become a part of our affiliate program all you have to do is go through 11 simple steps. Logofy is the best affiliate marketing with a lifetime commission of 18%, this means that you will be receiving a cut from every purchase made by the customer through your Logofy URL.

Here’s how to make money online with Logofy,

- Enter into our website at On the left-hand side of our website press the Affiliate button.

- You’ll now be at our affiliate page and simply press the yellow “start learning now”.

- Create an account with Logofy by providing us some information about who you are as a content creator.

- Go to your email inbox and confirm our affiliate form. Come back to Logyfy and Sign in to your account.

- Now you’ll be seeing the dashboard page showing your activity and income for our high payout affiliate marketing software. The dashboard page holds important information such as your commission, clicks through your Logofy URL, and other activities in your account.

- To get your referral line simple press on this link and the URL will pop right up.

- Quality content means more clicks on your affiliate link.

- Remember to never post too many affiliate links in your content, this can lead website systems in believing that your content is span and it’ll be automatically taken down. - Receive your income through Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account then simply register here .

- Select the New Payment method, this will bring you to a new page.

- Choose Paypal as the payment method for your affiliate marketing commission and provide the details of your Paypal address.

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