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2020 Logo Trends

The logo is the picture of a company and presents the brand identity to customers. Many brand logos have made their way into a history of design and marketing. Iconic logo designs will make a picture of their product pop up into your mind right as you see it, or even when thinking of the logo. Many big companies have changed their logos over time, but most still keep a reminiscence of the original made by the logo maker. We’re going to take a look at 5 Iconic logos that have helped shaped the trends of logos that keep on developing.

1. Pepsi and Coca-Cola We chose to put these two competing brands together as their iconic black fizzy drinks have been tasted by almost every person on earth. The first Coca-Cola logo was made by an accountant name Frank Robison and not a designated Logo designer, although the logo has been renewed multiple times the fact remains interesting. Believe it or not, Pepsi actually used red in its logo before Coca-Cola. Pepsi used red since its first logo in 1898 and added the blue in the logo made in 1945 while Coca-Cola added the red in 1950.

2 Apple The modern apple symbol started out as an emblem design by Ronald Wayne in 1976 one of the co-founders as the logo maker. In 1984, Apple started using the symbol of a single bitten apple by Rob Janoff that remains the same today and only the color has changed. 

3. McDonald’s We can’t write an article about iconic logos without mentioning Mcdonald’s. The yellow arch is seen in every big city around the world. The golden arch was added to the hamburger store’s logo in 1960 by logo creator Stanley Meston. The signature graphic symbol came into place in 1983 and today the latest logo is golden arches forming the letter “M”.

4. NASA The National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics reorganized into NASA in 1958. NASA actually has 3 emblems that are the sign, the logo, and the stamp. The stamp was approved by President Kennedy and President Eisenhower. Today The NASA symbol is not only famous but beautiful and has been used on fast fashion clothing. 

5. Starbucks This is another logo that is seen as aesthetically appealing and a sign of wealth, so much that it is often found on T-shirts, phone cases, and more. The first siren symbol was thought of by the Founders inspired by a 14th-century wood engraving, it was then designed by Terry Heckler. The signature green came into place in 1987 and today the siren is white with a green background and a shy smile. Technology now allows us to create amazing logos on the computer. Logofy is a free logo maker that is easy to use and creates logos based on your brand and identity. Use our logo creator free from any costs at and only pay when you find the right logo. 

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