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Having a logo is a must for your business, especially in today’s world where it is crucial to have a symbol for your company that online users can recognize. Logo trends are always changing and keeping up with what is popular will help establish your business to all target groups. Logofy is a free logo maker with the ability to create the logo you love that is also on-trend in less than 3 minutes. Our logo creator uses an advanced interface that takes into concern the new and upcoming logo trends of 2020.

In the year 2020, logo designs build on what logo designers have established in the last 5 years. We sew a lot of minimal logo trends in 2019, with most logos using 3 or fewer colors, normally if it’s not black and white then designers will turn to bright colors for an eye-catching feel. Single letters as logos were also popularly used by logo makers in the last few years, attached with a signature color that is used consistently on the business cards, prints, social media, and websites. 

The 8 Bit logo: These are fun logos made using Pixel art meaning that they are made at the pixel level. The pixels remind you of games and band covers back in time. It’s simple but often used with fun neon colors to help achieve the old school feel.

The Gradient logo: Gradient logo designs used with geometric shapes help give your business a futuristic feel, making it perfect for IT companies and EDM music symbols. Colors used in these are normally white or bright colors fading into black or white. Gradient logos look best when they’re being viewed online and not on print due to resolution restrictions. Choose a gradient logo if you like these types of designs when using Logofy Logo creator free and pay only if you like it. 

These are only some of the top 2020 logo trends but with our free logo creator at you too can enjoy creating hundreds of logos for free, all designs on-trend, we keep our promise so only buy the rights when you find the perfect fit. 

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