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Logofy is a free logo maker that uses special software to automatically generate the logo you love. Our logo creator will bring you hundreds of logos that fit your personality and the business you love. All it requires is a few clicks answering questions that let us know the industry your business is in, your favorite designs from examples provided to create unique logos. 

You can take as long as you want to choose the answers or go back to editing your answers, the interface is totally free. When you find the perfect logo for your company from our logo maker, this is when you pay a fee that starts at only 19USD. Here are the details to find the perfect logo in 3 minutes.

1. Visit our website at and enter your business name then press the orange start now! Button.

2. Pick your industry, this is what your company specializes in such as real estate, automobile, IT, legal services, and more.

3. Pick your favorite Logo styles from our selection, so we know which type of design you like

4. Select your favorite colors from a combination of six colors in our logo creator free of charge. These colors will be the main ones used in logo designs at the end of the process.

5. Add your business slogan. A slogan helps present what you sell in one sentence. This part is optional, but in case you wanted to include it in the logo simply type it and press next.

6. Select your favorite icons from a wide selection, from natural shapes to geometric options. These icons can also help represent your products or services, take as little or as much time you need and choose 5 icons.

7. The Logofy process is complete! Your logos are ready for selection. Create a free account with us or choose to sign in with Facebook or Google, this takes less than a minute. You can then choose a logo and customize it however you want