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The definition of “Logo” according to, is “a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition”. The logo of your business will represent the name of the company, the image, and the overall first impression that you want a customer to receive. A good logo design needs to be unique and able to perfectly represent your business. Logos often use symbols and colors that trigger memories, an element of the larger marketing picture. For example, a successful Logo is the legendary round green print on a cup, when someone is holding the cup even ten meters away, the signature green screams Starbucks directly at you.

A company with a logo is always seen as more professional. Thanks to our logo maker, you can use our free logo maker to create the logo you love in 3 minutes or less. Logos normally cost a heavy fee, especially if you want something very specific and access to high-resolution files for multipurpose uses. All this is done by a logo creator known as a logo designer. That ends today with LOGOFY. Create the right logo for your business and only pay if you really like it.

Logofy customizes every logo using a smart interface that calculates information based on what your company is about and what you like. The software then generates hundreds of logos that suits your needs. Customized for your industry and the products or services that you offer. The logo you choose will be print-ready, allowing you to use it on everything from the website to business cards, and advertisement posters. 

The process is simple, create a free account and enter into our Logofy logo creator free of charge. Answer a few questions such as the name of your business, the business industry, the theme of colors that you prefer, and the style of design for your logo. In a matter of seconds, Logofy will give you hundreds of logos to choose from. The total process from the moment you enter into to the moment your final logos are ready is less than 3 minutes. 

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