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Logofy is an innovative logo design software that is absolutely free to use. Anyone can create their perfect logo with an easy to use interface. Enjoy designing your logo as long as you want and only pay when you’re happy with the results. Multiple plans to choose from starting at only 19 USD. 

A free logo maker that is advance but simple to use. Logo design made easy in seconds through a few clicks. Business owners understand that starting from a plain foundation requires effort and a lot of investment, including cost of your professional logo. With LOGOFY you can forget about hiring expensive logo makers thanks to our free logo creator free of charge.

Logofy is not like the average logo creator available online today. We use AI software that automatically creates hundreds of logos in a matter of seconds (it can be a blink of an eye if your internet is lighting speed). The calculations are based entirely on what you like, your short journey will begin with some questions on your business, your preferred designs, and your company slogan. After the final click out interface will bring you perfect matches that represent your business attitude. All you have to do now is pick the perfect logo! 

Get Logos instantly in a flash, we’re not talking about a few but hundreds to choose from. If you still don’t find anything you see then you can change any of your answers to the questions and the interface will come up with even more logos to choose from, you’ll definitely find the perfect logo match to your soul. 

Our Logo maker comes with compatibility to use in high-quality work. Crisp PNG logo files perfect for all platforms from online work to prints. Perfectly customized logo, unique only to your business and no one alike, let this be your first step towards branding for your company and visit 

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