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Logofy free logo makers can make all types of logos for your business. Smart Logo creator with intelligent logo design software.

A good logo must be recognizable to consumers, successful logos speak to the consumers whenever they see it. For example, the Chanel logo is simple but unique, the logo speaks high-end and consumers know that the brand produces quality products with a high price tag. There are many types of logos with Logofy free logo maker automatically designs logos with a selection of different types of logos for you to choose from, simply pick the logo design that fits your business and best represents the brand identity. 
First is to consider what concept you want for your logo, this should be based on the brand’s products and services. Choose the main points that you want to include in your logo before choosing what type of logo you want. Our logo creator will generate different types of logos with many various logo designs for you to choose from. You can use our free logo maker at without any cost. Logofy logo creator free of charge can be used over and over until you're satisfied. Only pay when you’ve found the right logo with extremely low prices starting at 19 USD.
The 4 Different types of logos

1. Letter-form:

This is a logo that uses the first letter of your brand as the main base for the logo design. Examples of this type of logo are Mcdonalds with the curved yellow M that represents french fries.

2. Abstract:

This type of logo shows no clear letter or image but is normally a symbol that uses a combination of geometric shapes and colors. This type of logo gives a futuristic and hip feel, fitting for technology companies.

3. Pictorial:

This is a logo design that uses one main picture and normally one color to represent the brand. The main benefit of a pictorial logo is that consumers have an easy time remembering and recognizing companies with the picture as their logo, an example of a pictorial logo is the Starbucks logo.

4. Wordmark:

This is a logo that uses letters to represent the brand. The letters are often designed with unique fonts registered copyrighted by the company. The logo can be in one color or many. Many brands choose to use wordmark logos thanks to its ability to make consumers remember the brand name. 

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