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Logofy is a free logo maker website where anyone can come and explore different logos to choose from. Every logo is unique, the design is based on your answers of personal taste. From the color combinations to the overall style. Hiring a logo designer is very expensive and requires time. Come to our website and the whole process is done in 3 minutes. Currently, with Logofy you can use our free logo maker to create logos with English writing in them, but in the future, we plan to develop the software for other languages. English logos will help communicate to a global audience as the universal language. 

The process is extremely simple, to start the logo design enter into and now you’ll be on the main page of the logo maker.

1. Enter your business name or brand and press the orange start now.

2. Next type in the industry your business fits in, examples include engineer, biotechnology, coffee, seafood, and an endless selection.

3. On step 3 Logofy will present to you logos with different styles, all you have to do is choose the ones that you prefer. This is the customization step where the software will learn your preferred designs.

4. Step 4 is to select color combinations you prefer, these colors will be used together in the logo design. Don’t worry, you could always come back to edit any of the answers.

5. Do you have a business slogan? If you do type it in the box and Logofy will create logos that come with the slogan and some that come without.

6. Choose the right symbols from a selection of hundreds. Select the symbols that best represent your business of what you sell or the services you provide.

7. Create an account with our logo creator free. It only takes a few seconds and you can choose to sign in with Google or Facebook.

8. Login and you will be met with a wide range of logos to choose from. Time to choose the right logo to represent your company brand. 

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