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logofy  Your logo is a representation of your business identity. It represents what you are selling and the personality of the company. It’s where customers will get their first impression, this is your opportunity to perfectly summarize your passion into one logo. Designing a logo in the past required special logo designers with high price tags, adding to the already long list of costs when starting a new business. Gone are the days of dealing with multiple designs that simply don’t fit what you visioned in mind.

Our logo maker allows you to use a free logo maker program logofy is so simple anyone can be a logo creator. The best part of all? Use our logo creator free of charge as many times as you want over an unlimited time period and pay only when you finished creating the masterpiece. Logo design is now fun and enjoyable, unleash your creativity using the free design software. Own your logo and full rights to use it wherever and whenever you want, all at a very low price tag

logofy is a logo creator that is professional and simple to use. With the full ability to make whatever logo you want in any shape, size, and forms with endless selections to choose from and create. The Logofy interface is so easy to use you can make a logo in a matter of minutes, or as long as you want without paying any extra charge, you only need to pay when you’re happy with the results! Logofy prices start at only 19 USD and the most expensive option is at 99 USD, a package that comes with the vector file, multiple high-res file support, brand guidelines, full logo ownership, social media kit, and lifetime unlimited changes. Not sure which plan to choose? We understand that’s why Logofy offers example download so you know exactly what you’re paying for! Try Logofy today for free at logofy

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